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Sample Quarterly
Staff Training 

1. Understanding and Caring for Clients with Incontinence2. Preventing and Caring for Clients with Bedsores3. Transfer Techniques4. Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease: Communication and Handling Challenging Behaviors 1. Mandatory In-service Topic: Hygiene and Universal Precautions / Infection Control in the Home Setting2. Geriatrician Perspective on Dementia 1. Safety Precautions and Falls Prevention2. Permissible and Non-Permissible Medication Administration Tasks3. Dealing with Burn-out/Stress/ Compassion Fatigue 1. Transfer Techniques and Hoyer Lifts2. Managing Depression: Signs and Symptoms3. Emergency Preparedness4. First Aid5. Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities6. Complaint Process7. Advance Directives/DNR