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From Our Clients and Our Aides

Reviews from Clients 

“We have contracted a home health aide from COHME for one year now and we are very impressed and happy with the kind attention paid to my elderly father and his partner, both of whom suffer from progressive dementia and memory disorders. Our aide is caring, reliable and trustworthy. All the staff and social workers we have dealt with are highly professional and caring.

My father’s partner was so opposed to anyone helping them with their daily routines at first, now she says “it’s like she’s part of the family” which was an unexpected and quite amazing turn around. The aides all get ongoing training and support from the social workers which was partly why I chose this company, the other was because it was a non-profit organization with a clear dedication to helping vulnerable seniors in NYC.”

A.G., Manhattan 


“Kudos to Cindy who called ER for my husband while I was unreachable at a bridge game. He had been given too many fluids in blood transfusion. She was “his savior” as she got him to the hospital.” 

R.G., Manhattan

“I called to say that my mother is very pleased with all of the staff. Both of us think the staff is great and very professional.”

J.B., Manhattan


“Margaret was very helpful today bringing me to the doctor and very nice.”

G.K., Manhattan


“Erica is doing a wonderful job with my husband. She patiently is feeding him water with a spoon and is very gentle and loving in her care for him, especially now as he is facing end of life issues.”

J.B.S., Manhattan


“My father is Improving his gait and mobility by encouraging walking. He now walks longer distances and his Parkinson’s doctor was impressed with his improvement. Barbara is proactive with making his meals and making sure he eats, and he gained back weight. She also engages him in interactions. We are also happy with fill in aides Beverly and Bineta.” 

R.C., Manhattan


“Evelyn has taken very good care of my mother. She‘s a beautiful person and a hard worker.”

R. F., Manhattan

Reviews from Aides 

“Excellent… hired twice as HHA… Lots of flexible working hours available if you can do long shifts many hours. *Free food at Classes and Training programs—Aides keep learning new techniques in health care services in caring for clients with moderate to advanced Alzheimer's/ Dementia: I re-learned to see situations through the eyes of the clients...they ALL deserve the very best care—regardless of past or present circumstances. Last but not least COHME Inc. from the Director L.R. to the coordinators D.B/M.L. – they all really care a lot about clients' wellbeing safety and security /and for the Aides with the same intensity! When asked "how are you today" COHME really wants to know!”

S.B., Manhattan


“ArchCare Trainer says we are a great group of aides who really engaged in the learning!”


“It has been a pleasure working for COHME Inc. for the past five years. They have done so much for me. I have only good things to say about my employer.”

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