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Aide Support

“It has been a pleasure working for COHME  Inc. for the past five years. They have  done so much for me. I have only good  things to say about my employer.”

Social Services for Aides

Looking for an employment home? Choose COHME!

COHME (Concerned Home Managers for the Elderly) has a dual mission—to provide superior, compassionate care to our clients and excellent jobs and support services for our aides.

Most home care agencies undergo high attrition—an average of up to 65% each year. At COHME, we retain 74% of our health aides from year to year. 

Client and aides smiling - COHME Home Health Care Agency
Aide and client laughing together - COHME Home Health Care Agency

Join our ranks—and see why our aides keep smiling! 

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Become an Aide

We’ll try to accommodate your logistical challenges and support your overall success. This might include reworking a schedule, or giving you the day off, as needed. We encourage you to seek programs and services that enhance work and life, or provide more education and training. Apply Here >


  • Salary increases on a regular basis AND seniority increases at 2 years, 5 years, 10 year and 15 year anniversary.

  • Year end bonuses to all staff including those who have worked 6 months or less

  • A retirement savings plan for all staff with the agency 2 years who are earning at least $5000 in the previous year and $5000 in the coming year with a matching amount

  • Disability, Accident and Life Insurance Benefits are available.  COHME covers premium for staff who work 2 years or more

  • Scholarship money for training, education and career advancement

    • Tuition and certification payments are provided to aides ranging from $50 to $2000 to assist staff to receive further training

    • Scholarships are provided for nursing degrees, medical assistant programs, C.N.A. training, certifications and other licensing (Carol Kamine Brown Scholarship Fund)

  • Support and resources for staff

  • Free help with resources including accessing cellphones, child care, and training opportunities

  • Individualized Resource Referrals by the Career Specialist on accessing entitlements, housing, health benefits for families, etc.

  • Accessing Immigrant Benefits, including ESL classes

  • Social work services with referrals for mental health issues, family issues and legal problems

  • Monthly Support Groups – COHME’s Social Worker/Career Specialist also has monthly support groups with speakers and information for staff.

  • Extra Staff Support/Peer Mentoring – COHME has an LPN to provide additional support and training on cases provided by an LPN and is in the process of implementing a peer mentoring program.

  • Free training including Dementia Care

  • Aide Advisory Group – ​We listen to you! Quarterly Aide Advisory Group meetings open to all staff to allow for input and feedback to make improvements to our services and to staff needs.

At COHME, we recognize the challenges that our aides face and give them the tools to solve problems and address complications that arise. We believe so strongly in having our aides feel supported that we dedicate a staff social-work career specialist just for their needs, including education and career advancement. Caring for the caregivers reflects our commitment to our home care staff as well as our clients.


We believe that aides who thrive in their work environment strive to provide exceptional care for you or your loved one. COHME cultivates a supportive structure of care that benefits all parties involved.


We care for you so that you can care for our clients!

Driven by our strong social mission, we support comfort and flexibility—not a bottom line. Get in touch with COHME and explore how we care for our caregivers >

Sample Quarterly
Staff Training 

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