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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Health Care

By Elyse Notarianni

It’s not just for older adults.

People tend to assume that they’ll never need a home health aide until late in their lives, and while that may be true for many, aides are available for anyone in need of help – and at any age. Whether recovering from surgery, an illness or facing any other type of disability, you may need additional support around your home. That’s when home health aides are there for you.

You don’t need to need care full-time to qualify.

So many people put off seeking home health care simply because they don’t think they need it yet – they wait until they or their loved ones aren’t able to take care of themselves or their homes completely before bringing in extra help. You don’t have to need 24/7 care to benefit from home health aides. At COHME, you can choose as little as 12 hours a week.

Even something as simple as having someone around a couple of hours each day can ease someone’s daily burden considerably and significantly increase their quality of life.

Staying home increases stability

When deciding on the best care for the older adults in their life, they typically consider options like a long-term care facility. While that may be an excellent option for many, it can also create stress and anxiety in older adults as they have to uproot their entire life and schedule to adjust to the new facility.

Allowing an older adult to age in place in the comfort of their own home allows them to maintain a familiar setting, continue with their own schedule and create routines that work for them. Studies have even shown that staying in familiar surroundings can slow or ease symptoms of cognitive decline for adults with conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Home health offers a better value.

Because patients aren’t paying for room, board and meals during their care in the same way that they may in an assisted living or elderly community, all of the money spent on health services goes toward just that: healthcare.

Bringing in a home health aide also allows patients to enjoy more personalized, one-on-one care and attention from their caregivers. Plus, many long-term insurance policies will help cover the costs.

Home health is about so much more than care.

Having someone come into your home to provide care has an added benefit: companionship.

Even long before the pandemic hit, older adults experience high rates of social isolation and feelings of loneliness, negatively impacting their mental and physical health. A recent study published in the National Library of Medicine found that people who experience social isolation are 29% more likely to develop coronary heart disease and 32% more likely to suffer a stroke. Regular socialization can also decrease the risk of dementia as well, according to a Swedish study.

Home health aides often become friends and advocates – someone to talk to and spend time with while also getting the care and services they need.

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Palmona In
Palmona In
Apr 25, 2023

Home healthcare is a beautiful concept after the covid-19. Now, its better to hire someone in home rather than going to hospitals. there are various Apps, healthcare software by which we can monitor someone health and vitals of a particluar patient. there are variouos companies which are in custom healthcare development and working with US govt. for latest healthapps, telehealth and telemedicn apps.

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