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Cool Stuff for the Older Adults in your Life

By: Leslie Mantrone

Whether you are searching for a thoughtful gift or hoping to meet an unmet need for a special older adult, we have some of our favorite products for older adults.

Seniors using walkers or rollators will benefit from these devices, which allow them to use an umbrella hands free.

For rooms without air conditioning or for those times when your senior needs extra cooling, these super-compact devices fit the bill.

These light-weight products help older adults remain independent. They can also prevent accidents that can occur when a senior reaches for something far away from a sitting position in a chair or the bed.

Many seniors have hearing loss, including hearing loss that is poorly managed with hearing aids. A portable voice amplifier is a small device used by someone talking to the older adult, such as a partner or other relative, that increases the volume of their speech. The devices below are marketed for teachers – who experience vocal fatigue from speaking loudly in classroom settings for long periods of time – but they work just as effectively in a home setting.

In case someone is not around to help, you want to make sure your loved one is always able to get around in an emergency.

It’s more common than you’d think, and this soap is the perfect way to keep your loved ones clean without a fight. That being said, shampoo that you leave in the hair – no need to rinse out is also great.


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