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12 Ways To Enjoy a Day With The Older Adult in Your Life

By Jamie Meconi

Board games? TV? Bingo? There’s so much more to do, no matter what your age, situation or usual level of activity. There’s nothing more important than having fun and spending quality time with the people you love – especially as they’re getting older. Here are some awesome ways to spend the day with the older adult in your life.

1. Visit a museum or cultural institution Many museums in NYC even offer tours and programs designed for those living with cognitive impairments. Museums with accessibility programs in the area:

2. Participate in an art class together Arts and Minds offers free programs in English and Spanish for those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

3. Exercise NYC Parks offer programs for seniors including yoga, tennis, pickle ball, and fitness walking for New Yorkers over 60.

4. Do an online fitness class together

5. Create your own book club

Read or listen to a book together and utilize the already created discussion questions, often found at the end of books, or create your own!

6. See a movie in your local theatre

7. Listen to live music.

Check out free concerts in NYC: staying home? Put on your client or family member’s favorite artist or song on. Bonus points if you can dance to it.

8. Look at old photographs or albums.

Ask your client or family member to share stories about their prior trips or interesting experiences.

9. Play a game!

Cohme’s HR coordinator, Cassie, personally recommends Mahjong, which studies have shown can help keep the mind sharp (and we just missed celebrating International Mahjong Day – August 1st) Some other favorites include checkers, Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, UNO and Bananagrams.

10. Go out to dinner!

Share a meal at a favorite restaurant.

11. Take an online cooking class together.

AARP offers free online cooking classes and demonstrations.

13. Create an indoor garden – outdoor space not required!


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