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Home Care with the Highest Standards

For over 35 years in New York City, Concerned Home Managers

for the Elderly (COHME) has been enabling older adults to age at home comfortably.


COHME is unique as one of the few licensed home care agencies that provides a Social Worker at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Our Social Worker connects directly with the client, the family, the aide, and involved organizations to ensure the very best care services.

As a non-profit with a people-focused mission, our goal is to learn everything we can about you or your loved one’s health and lifestyle to create a customized treatment plan. At COHME, our professional staff and home aides collaborate to best meet your needs.

COHME's Customized Treatment Plans Offer:


Cohme, Inc.

11 Broadway, Suite 1031

New York, NY 10004

(212) 514-7147


Customized Matching

When you need long-term care

When personalities complement one another, clients thrive. That’s why we personalize the match between you/your aging relative and his/her aide. This is the key ingredient to our high quality care. Find out more >



When you need short-term care

When help is needed after a surgery or other change in function on a short-term basis, COHME is there to help. We start home care services as soon as possible and cater to the client’s schedule and needs. Find out more >


Commitment to Our Aides

When home aides need support


Happy, well-supported aides provide better care. We make sure our staff gets their needs met both at work and outside—so they can give 100% on the job. Find out more >


Not-for-Profit Values

When you need affordable care


Driven by a social mission rather than by profit, we are able to deliver the best NYC elder care that pleases our clients and their families, instead of shareholders. Find out more >

Our Service Areas:

Call Us

(212) 514-7147

How COHME Can Help

•  Alzheimer’s and other Dementia Disorders

•  Cognitive Issues

•  Physical Disabilities

•  Injuries

•  Dietary & Exercise Needs

View a complete list of services here

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